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The experiences of care of the “Community Without Knots” House - Puno, Peru

“Our dreams were manifested into reality with the establishment of a “Community Without Knots” house in 2021. It is an open space where young women who have survived human trafficking, and/or have been victims of sexual abuse and violence gather voluntarily. 

The young women come from both the regular “Residential Care Centre” (CAR) and the “Specialized Residential Care Centre” (CARE) located in Puno, Peru. These centres serve as places of care and protection for minors under the support and supervision of the Peruvian state.

The team has been offering an array of workshops for the benefit of the citizens and accompanying persons in both institutions for many years now. Taking into account that the state provides residential services exclusively for minors, a few of them find themselves without a place to go once they reach the age of 18 due to the specific circumstances of their families of origin. In this situation, girls find a home in “Community Without Knots” which is a place where they are accepted and can live for 6 months to a year.

Over the course of their stay, the girls can complete their studies, work in local restaurants and save their earnings, and are equipped to gain financial independence through specific training

The dynamic team of the “Community Without Knots” have three Sisters of Mercy; a volunteer; and a brother of Conventual Franciscan.”


From Red Kawsay Perù


July 19, 2023