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Talitha Kum received the We Embrace Award 2024

Last night, 21 March 2024, a charity gala dinner was held in Milan, Italy, for all the “companies and media companies that will narrate and celebrate true and profound stories, aiming to inspire everyone, especially the new generations."


Talitha Kum received the We Embrace Award 2024 in the 'We Embrace the World' category promoted by the non-profit organisation art4sport. The non-profit association, founded by Bebe Vio, Italian wheelchair fencer, European and world champion and her parents Teresa Grandis and Ruggero Vio, for the second year in a row promoted the award to celebrate fifteen stories and realities that deserve recognition "for their values of inclusion and inspiration".


“We Embrace Award 2024 with the theme Why Not? In gratitude with the art4sport for this award and inspired by the story of Bebe Vio who Rise up (Talitha Kum)! It's truly inspiring and enriching to receive this award and recognize the mission of Talitha Kum Sisters globally. I share this award with our Sisters and partners in the whole world who work tirelessly to fulfill our vocation to stay with victims and survivors, to share their path, to uphold their humanity and embrace Jesus’ example of care and compassion. We Embrace the whole world as we continue in journeying in dignity with courage, hope and compassion in which every human being can live in dignity and fullness and leave no one behind. Let us continue in Journeying of Hope as Talitha Kum celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with compassion in action!”


Sr. Abby Avelino, MM, Talitha Kum International Coordinator


March 22nd, 2024