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Sr. Abby's welcome to the 2nd Talitha Kum General Assembly

Opening address of sr. Abby Avelino, MM, International Coordinator of Talitha Kum at the 2nd Talitha Kum General Assembly

"Good morning, good evening for those joining us online!
Sisters, Brothers, and Friends! Good Morning

Happy Pentecost Day!
Dear sisters and brothers, we gather together when the time of Pentecost is fulfilled in the year 2024 to celebrate this great feast at the opening of Talitha Kum’s 2nd General Assembly.
It’s an honor to welcome you all. We gather from 90 countries, from every continent, men and women religious, members of the lay faithful and clergy who are committed to eradicating human trafficking. 

With great honor in the presence of Sister Mary Barron, the president of UISG, let us acknowledge delegates from Middle East, Asia (please stand), Oceania, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe...Welcome! Thank you so much for your dedication as we continue our commitment in this journey.

Thank you for our Sisters and Brothers who join us online! Thank you for your commitment.
With special acknowledgement of deep gratitude in memory of Sr. Estrella Castalone, FMA, the first Talitha Kum international Coordinator, to Sr. Bernadette Sagma, who became an instrument to form this network.  
And to my predecessor, as International Coordinator, Sr. Gabriella Bottani who with us here today. I also acknowledge the many other sisters that implemented the decision of the UISG Plenary Assembly of 2001, in which our religious leaders, committed themselves to collaborate against trafficking in persons.  

The Talitha Kum International network has been caring for wounded humanity for years now by trying to act on the inequalities caused by political, economic, and social systems. With its mission to end trafficking. Talitha Kum, an International Sister-led Network Against 

Human Trafficking, has grown significantly. Talitha Kum networks all over the world making these changes happen to continue its commitment to the fight against trafficking and exploitation through prevention, formation, advocacy, action, and prayer.

Journeying Together to End Human Trafficking: Compassion in Action for Transformation is the theme of this TKGA The Assembly has five objectives: sharing and listening to the different realities from the grassroots, embracing Talitha Kum’s identity and diversity as an international network of networks, strengthening relationships, networking, and collaboration, revisiting Talitha Kum’s priorities for action in light of emerging realities, and celebrating 15 years of Talitha Kum.

We are invited to give thanks to God for this journey together, to evaluate and to plan towards the future. At the end of the Assembly we will set the priorities together of Talitha Kum from 2025-2030 that will be presented to the UISG Executive.

In the spirit of journeying together, the Talitha Kum General Assembly began with grassroots listening process. This Assembly should reflect the beautiful diversity of the network by bringing together the stories and voices of all members, both experienced and new, religious and laity, young and old. Inspired by the synodal vision of Pope Francis, Talitha Kum wants to hear the voices of people at the grassroots. 

“The assembly is a unique time to meet, dialogue, and most importantly, define the strategies we will adopt in the coming years to combat trafficking and exploitation in all parts of the world. We share our successes and challenges, listening to new and different voices, and doing it together is key to strengthening ourselves and becoming more effective in our actions. 

This must encourage us to join forces led by the Holy Spirit in weaving networks of good to spread the light that comes from Christ and his Gospel by reaching out to those who play a decisive role in the effort to eradicate the exploitation of human beings. Only through joint and systematic actions, along with a multi-level commitment, will it be possible to contribute for transformation we hope for.

I am grateful for support of our partners in this journey. I am grateful for the support of the UISG Executive Board and its members for entrusting us Talitha Kum members, with this prophetic mission initiative as we journey together in our commitment to fight against human trafficking. I am also grateful for our donors and partners in this mission, and most of all, to God's love that leads us towards compassion in action for transformation.

As the opening of the Assembly, Pentecost, with the Gift of the Spirit everything is possible. Today is Pentecost, which we want to celebrate so that we can be transformed by the action of the Spirit.”

I officially open the Talitha Kum 2nd General Assembly.
For those online....Join us in prayers"


May 20th, 2024