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Prayer of Sr. Mercy on the eve of the Talitha Kum laboratory in Yaoundé, Cameroon, November 19, 2018 for the official launch of the Cameroon network

What a glorious day for Cameroon! My heart is full of gratitude to God as I express the following message on behalf of the Talitha Kum network in Africa. In 2016 I expressed desire to have Talitha kum Cameroon. Two years later, my dream has come true. I glady welcome our able worldwide coordinator, sr. Gabriela Bottani and Mr. Stefano, our ever available brother and companion on the journey. I sincerely thank the Union of major superiors, especially fr Paulinus and sr Roberta Feh, without their permission and support we would not have gathered here today. I can now say like Simeon, at last all powerful master.


Dear friends and companions,Human trafficking is as serious as HIV and AIDS in our society, but as consecrated religious and faithful stewards in the ongoing work of creation, if we bring our charisms and poverty together, we will produce something good for God. We are gathered here because of our yearnings for that something beautiful. The cry of our sisters in Kadama Kuwait, Lebanon, Dubai and so on has kept us awake for years.


May your gathering together energise us as we look forward to our common vision. I entrust each one of you to the hands of our mother Mary, she accompanies you and us as we work for the salvation of vulnerable souls. May her greeting from the angel be your companion. Peace be with you, you are blessed among many.


I would have so much loved to convey this words in person buy as we hear from the scriptures, some planted, others watered but God gives the harvest. I thank God for giving me the harvest, you seated here today are the harvest and I am grateful. I am in the  middle of nowhere but with you in spirit.


Sr Gabriella, behold your new set of companions from Cameroon, Mr Stefano, behold a new harvest. Keep the ball rolling. Welcome and enjoy your stay. May your journey to Yaoundé bear fruits that will last. Peace be with you all. I miss you all and love you all. A warm hug to each an everyone of you. God bless you all.


Long live Talitha Kum Network!


Sr. Mercy