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News from the networks: Talitha Kum North Africa

Talitha Kum North Africa is still alive!! Our network concerns Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. We are still in contact with sisters working hard in those countries.  On my side, since last October, I was asked by my congregation to move from Tunisia to Morocco. The reason is that we want to open a new mission in that country. 

Due to Covid pandemic we do not have many activities. But nevertheless, sisters have been working hard each one in her place of mission. Here in Morocco while I was studying, I took opportunities to visit many congregations and I tried to sensitise those congregations to join Talitha Kum. All sisters involved in Talitha Kum were also following with enthusiasm what others networks were doing via the social network including formations. 

I also had a talk with the cardinal of Marocco about Talitha Kum. Our share hopefully will bear fruit. He is happy and welcomes Talitha Kum in Morocco. 

Slowly and surely things will go well by the Lord Grace. Keep us in your prayers as we constantly pray for all the victims of human traffic. 

May God bless you!

Fr. Albert KONDEMODRE, mafr