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News from the networks: Talitha Kum USMI anti-trafficking in Italy

"Currently, in the context in which our USMI anti-trafficking network operates, victims are predominantly from Bulgaria, China, Ivory Coast, Gambia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Romania, also including people of Roma ethnicity. We also note that sexual exploitation traffickers are now increasingly using online platforms such as social networks, to recruit victims, exploit them and rent apartments to make their illicit operations difficult to trace, and the pandemic has exacerbated this situation.


During 2022 and so far through 2023, we have carried out various activities mainly focused in the area of prevention. This remains a key point in achieving the goals of guarding the dignity of people, being part of the transformation of mentalities, cultures, appropriate behaviors and charged with regenerated humanity. We also consider that this ministry of "being there" alongside people who are wounded in their dignity must be continued by people who carry out this ministry with inner passion, charged with spirituality and also with precise vocational motivations. It is a ministry that is not for everyone, it demands preparation and experience, and it must be felt strongly in the heart and with the heart.


One beautiful activity of this year was the Walk-Visit-Pilgrimage in our Network with a visit to the community and family home of Sr. Carla, Sr. Lucia and their guest sisters, in their community/family in Avezzano, where we witnessed the welcoming of our sisters who are regenerated to new life thanks to the Lord Jesus and his word. Sr. Carla's sharing in welcoming and caring for people who have been trafficked was very profound, telling the story of their work, the hopes, the difficulties, the life that grows and is renewed. Many girls and women who have suffered the experience of trafficking have passed through this house ; lives that are reborn to hope and flourish in their newfound humanity, and we have grateful hearts for that."


Sr. Maria Rosa Venturelli, SMC

Coordinator of Rete Anti Tratta USMI - Italy


July 31, 2023