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News from Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors – Japan

We are glad to share with you the news from Talitha Kum Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors Japan.

The Youth Ambassadors of Japan carry out various prevention activities by meeting with children, adolescents, and youths from various church groups in parishes and schools. They have been active in doing social media awareness campaigns through posting online stories, videos, and inspirational messages. Creating TK T-shirts, publishing flyers, and organizing the first youth gathering with the theme: Ambassadors of Hope; End Human Trafficking(希望のメッセンジャーになろう). It can be viewed here! They also designed a Logo (Talitha Kum Japan youth ambassadors) integrating to the Talitha Kum logo. You can view it here!

“We have learnt a lot from these experiences. It’s a good start and a beginning for us. We hope to do more in different places and in the future. We have invited so many young people, but few of them came, but those few that came are those that are really interested in Talitha Kum against human trafficking. It hasn’t really been so easy so far; with the State of Emergency which occurs sometimes in Japan, many times we were not able to go out to share our messages, or organize activities. Religious differences are also another difficulty. We are Christians, sometimes we find it difficult to introduce ourselves, who we are, and what we do.  The beautiful thing is that, despite all these challenges that we come across almost every day, we are so grateful for some people and some youth that we met, they are young people that are really interested in listening and helping!”

 #人身売買byebye! (jinshin baibai – byebye).

Testimony shared by: Rise Hosoi and Kyo Kobayashi, Talitha Kum anti-trafficking Youth Ambassadors. 

We wish them all the best!

Being an ambassador, not just for the title but for the Mission! 

Stay tuned for next month - More great news from Talitha Kum Anti-trafficking Youth Ambassadors will be shared with you!


By Joy Ezekiel

Youth Ambassadors – Talitha Kum International