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26 Settembre 2016

Meeting Talitha Kum Korea

We Korea Talitha Kum members are having a good time with a great team for anti human traffficking. And also we have discussed and acted with many issues like all Talitha Kum sisters all around the world. In this every two months meeting, we discussed about trafficking foreign women problem in Korea, especially migrants entertainers with E6 visa. And as Sr. Adel asked me, we discussed about East Asia Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Talita Kum organization, and will suggest this issue to superior meeting. 

Hopelly we all memebers of Talitha Kum have encouragement and heartfelt consideration to all victims of traffcking.


Talitha Kum è presente in 92 paesi, nei 5 continenti: 14 in Africa, 18 in Asia, 17 in America, 41 in Europa, 2 in Oceania. Le reti di Talitha Kum: 44 Reti Nazionali: 9 in Africa, 11 in Asia, 15 in America, 7 in Europa e 2 in Oceania. 7 coordinamenti regionali: 2 in America Latina, 3 in Asia, 1 in Europa e 1 in Africa



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