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28 Luglio 2022

Lisa Kristine's photography exhibition "Nuns Healing Hearts" online unveiling

On the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, July 30, 2022, Talitha Kum joins this global awareness campaign along with many other local, international, and civil society organizations, as we together the voices of the sisters and collaborators of the Talitha Kum networks who promote "The Power of Care". This was the theme of the last World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking in 2022 inspired by the words of Pope Francis: "Human trafficking is violence! The violence suffered by each woman and each girl is an open wound in the body of Christ, in the body of all humanity, it is a deep wound that also affects each one of us. [It is the care of mercy, it is the care of love that changes us profoundly and makes us capable of welcoming others as brothers and sisters. Recognizing the dignity of each person is the first act of care" (Pope Francis).

Talitha Kum will celebrate this day by sharing the many stories of support for victims and survivors of human trafficking and vulnerable groups around the world on social networks globally. 

On that day, Lisa Kristine's photography exhibition "Nuns Healing Hearts," launched by Pope Francis in 2019, will be available virtually for the first time. The photo exhibit takes us on a splendid virtual journey that follows key moments in the care for and healing of victims of human trafficking. These stories follow Talitha Kum's sisters in Guatemala, Thailand, the United States, Italy, the Philippines and Mexico. This exhibition poses as an important tool for awareness and prevention of the phenomenon of trafficking. It points out possible actions against trafficking founded on respecting the dignity of each person and the importance of the commitment to care for all victims and survivors. We thank the Galileo Foundation and the Global Solidarity Fund for their support in making this exhibition possible. On July 30th, the online exhibition platform will be available in five languages (ES, PT, FR, IT, EN).

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