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The Sisters’ Association in Zambia (ZAS) officially launched the Talitha Kum Zambia (TAKUZA) network on April 27, 2023, with the participation and involvement of various Catholic organizations, NGOs, and government representatives in Zambia. It aims to respond to the challenges of the phenomenon of trafficking in persons in Zambia and embraces the mission of Talitha Kum, the International Network Against Human Trafficking.

Founded in 1958, ZAS is an association of 45 women's religious congregations which supports sisters in their mission of formation and evangelization in Zambia by offering relevant programs that meet spiritual and developmental needs.

Talitha Kum Zambia - TAKUZA is a national network whose vision is a society free of trafficking and exploitation. It is present in all provincial offices in Zambia and other districts where sisters serve, committed to education and advocacy, by promoting initiatives that address the root causes of human trafficking and victims' access to protection services.

The launch event was attended by about 80 people, including the president of the Sisters' Association in Zambia (ZAS), representatives from UN agencies, embassies, Caritas, the vicar for religious and consecrated men and women, superiors and superiors general, priests, women religious, and members of the press.

"The network focuses on the problem of lack of information and economic empowerment for victims of trafficking in persons and Zambian youth who may be in vulnerable situations. In the past seven months, Talitha Kum Zambia has raised awareness of trafficking to about 34,500 people across the country."  Sr. Kayula Lesa - Talitha Kum Zambia Network Coordinator - TAKUZA.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Internal Security has opened the space of combating human trafficking to non-state actors, both non-governmental and intergovernmental, to ensure a strong and multifaceted approach against the scourge of human trafficking." Boris Mulengu - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Homeland Security

The participants emphasized the challenge of trafficking in the country due to the complexity of the problem and the sophistication of traffickers. They also have raised the importance of networking at different levels with different local and governmental organizations for prevention, protection and assistance of victims and groups at risk of trafficking.


The values that underlie TAKUZA's work: Human Dignity, Freedom from Exploitation, Solidarity with Victims of Trafficking, Commitment to Liberation of the Oppressed, Responsibility, Integrity.


By Sr. Kayula Lesa - Coordinator of Talitha Kum Zambia - TAKUZA


May 19, 2023