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ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans), the Talitha Kum network in Australia, was founded in 2005 and is present across 5 Australian states.

Sr. Colleen Jackon, RSC, Regional representative of Oceania, shares about a key project of ACRATH in the accompaniment and support of victims and survivors – the Volunteer Companions program for caring for trafficked women and their children in Australia.


ACRATH has 13 trained and supervised volunteer Companions who offer long term support and friendship to 34 trafficked women and their 45 children as they face the long journey of healing.

ACRATH has begun, through interviews with Companions, documenting what many have suspected for years – that the Companions are an important link between trafficked people and the policy development that comes from advocacy by NGOs, including ACRATH.


ACRATH member Judy’s research includes:

  • Each Companion’s involvement and experiences in the program and any challenges they face.
  • How each Companion sees their work impacting advocacy, lobbying, and awareness raising by ACRATH.


“For me one of the immediate benefits of the project is acknowledging the work of the Companions even though they do not want any praise for their work. What they do is extraordinary.”

Judy said her initial interviews have already revealed beneficial networking amongst the Companions and other NGOs to ensure the best outcome for the trafficked women.

“It is such a privilege to be a companion to someone; to be with them through so many ups and downs and to be able to help in some way,” Judy said.


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By Sr. Colleen Jackson, RSC Coordinator of ACRATH and Regional representative of Talitha Kum in Oceania