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Aotearoa New Zealand Religious against Trafficking in Humans - (ANZRATH)

Year of foundation: 2012

The Network was started by a group of 4 or 5 Religious in Auckland. It has grown with small groups in Wellington and Dunedin The aim of the Group is the following: We are a group with a primary focus of raising awareness and combating human trafficking and slavery. We seek justice for those in need and strive to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Our members include Sisters, Brothers and lay people. We work in collaboration with other organisations.

SPREADING THE WORD: To take a stand against human trafficking and slavery in whatever form we may encounter it. We are mainly 'senior citizens' and spend our time 'raising awareness' of different forms of the slavery reality in New Zealand and beyond. We have run a public Gathering in different cities every year, spoken at Masses, been on radio talk back, hosted Government staff to talk to our Congregations and answer their questions, written to local businesses querying their 'supply chains', created a card to leave in shops asking if their products are 'child labour free' and of course building relationship with other goal minded groups.