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AMRAT Sri Lanka

Year of foundation: 2015

Initialy we joined our network in India in 2009. Then gradually progress coordinating and collaborating with other congregations in Sri Lanka.Though we have very few religious congregations ,currently 6 congratulations are working together against human trafficking in different parts of the island as an on going mission.

Our Aim We, the Religious of inter congregations of Sri Lanka are inspired by the compassionate love of Jesus and Our Lady of Lanka, who gave himself to liberate the oppressed and gave the fullness of life and dignity to all. We commit ourselves to protect and promote gender equality and human dignity of all in collaboration and solidarity with equally motivated organizations, institutions and individuals. Our Objectives are to  To promote gender equality and empowerment of women  To Protect and Promote human dignity of the vulnerable people.  To Identify congregations, organizations and institutions to enlist members to the Network to support mutually in our pastoral activities  To Support grass-root activities of religious and lay partners in addressing issues related to pastoral activities.