International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons


July 27, 2017

World Day against Trafficking in Persons. July 30, 2017

 “A 22 year-old woman from El Salvador was trying to reach her family in the USA, seeking help from a ‘cojote’ for the travel. In El Salvador she left her parents and a 5 year-old daughter. On the way, in Mexico, the young woman was abducted and trafficked for sexual exploi...


July 13, 2017

Report International Coordination Committee

19-23 June 2017

The meeting took place at the UISG Headquarters in Rome, Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo, 28.

Participants: Committee Members: Sr. Gabriella Bottani (coordinator), Sr. Claudette Bastien (Canada), Sr. Ann Osterreich (USA), Sr. Carmela Gibaja (Latin America), Sr. Imelda Pool...


July 3, 2017

Talitha Kum Coordination Meeting

Rome, Italy – From 19-23 June 2017, Talitha Kum held its first International Coordination Committee meeting at its headquarters in Rome. The continental coordinators and leaders of Talitha Kum Rome met to discuss international collaboration and growth. The participants were Sr. Claudette Ba...


June 13, 2017

The World Refugee Day June 20th 2017: Refugees: an opportunity to grow together

Refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are increasing vulnerable population of trafficking in persons.

People on the move are an opportunity! Talitha Kum invites everybody in contact with this population to intensify prevention, to promote formation to train key persons to re...