International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons


Oct. 25, 2016

Prostitution and Human Dignity

Prostitution and Human Dignity: The hypocrisy of  the German Model

 Sr. Beatrice Mariotti

A  few weeks ago, Pope Francis visited a center for victims of forced prostitution in the vicinity of Rome.  He defined this evil as "a crime against humanity". But what i...


Sept. 28, 2016

Red Rahamim, the Mexican network of religious working against trafficking in persons is now established.

For several years Talitha Kum (TK), the worldwide network of religious life against trafficking in persons was in dialogue with the Conference of Religious of Mexico (CIRM), to promote collaboration and networking against trafficking in persons. This resulted in the first training course for reli...


Sept. 26, 2016

Meeting Talitha Kum Korea

We Korea Talitha Kum members are having a good time with a great team for anti human traffficking. And also we have discussed and acted with many issues like all Talitha Kum sisters all around the world. In this every two months meeting, we discussed about trafficking foreign women problem in K...

Sept. 26, 2016

Talitha Kum Southeast Asia Meeting

The Talitha Kum Southeast Asia is having a meeting and planning for the 2017 Talitha Kum Southeast Asia Conference to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are glad that TK Thailand, TK Philippines and the Board of TK Indonesia are around for this gathering in Wisma Pojok Indah, Yogjakarta, Indonesia...